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As I wrote a while back on, one of the best ways to move to the top of the search engine rankings is by producing good content. When you create quality content, your readers will come back for more, share it with others and most importantly, it will generate incoming links.

That said, there are still a number of simple things you can do to help the search engines find your content. Sticking to the topic so that desired keywords occur naturally, writing meta data that is consistent with the information on the page and composing a search engine results description that is compelling enough that readers will click through to your site are all techniques that can help a page or post rise to the top.

Unfortunately, even for the advanced copywriter or blogger, it is hard to tell exactly what the search engine will see when a post or page is published. Enter Scribe Content Optimizer, a search engine optimization tool available for WordPress (and other content management systems to come). Scribe analyzes your post and meta content and provides a wealth of information allowing you to revise and reanalyze your post before hitting the publish button.

In WordPress, Scribe sits quietly in the corner waiting for you to finish your draft, custom title and meta description. . Once complete, you can run an analysis on your post. Scribe will give you a score based on a number of factors and make suggestions for revision.

As you can see in the image below, an analysis of this post up to this point returns a score of 87%. At this point, the post is still a little short for the search engine’s liking.
Scribe Content Analysis

While I might be inclined to finish the post knowing that once I’ve got my 300+ words, this post will be fully optimized for the search engines. However, let’s dig a little deeper to see how I’m doing in terms of keywords.
Scribe Keyword Analysis

While my earlier score of 87% might have looked good, notice that my top primary keyword is “common sense.” Not really a term I was hoping to emphasize. Fortunately, If I click on the next tab in the image above, Scribe will make suggestions for changing keywords. In this case wrote my title tag to read, “Scribe for SEO; Common Sense Review for a Common Sense Program.” As you can see, although it might make for a catchy headline, I’ve repeated the term “common sense” twice resulting in it being picked up as a primary keyword.

Revising the custom title tag to read, “Scribe for SEO; WordPress Plugin Takes the Guesswork Out of SEO Copywriting” changes “common sense” from a primary keyword to a significant keyword leaving just “scribe” and “SEO” as my primary keywords. “Common Sense” may still be getting a high ranking because I also used the term in my meta description which reads, “A Review of the search engine optimization tool Scribe. Scribe provides common sense seo allowing the user to edit and revise copy using this powerful seo tool.”

If I revise the meta to read, “A Review of the search engine optimization tool Scribe. Scribe gives users the information needed to edit and revise copy for the search engines,” the term “common sense” drops from the keyword list completely.

And that’s what Scribe is all about–providing the information needed to revise and rewrite your copy until it does exactly what you want it to do. Yes, you still need to be able to write but in the hands of a skilled copywriter, seo copywriting becomes an art and not just stuffing keywords into the page.

More than just keywords
While keywords are important, the SERP or the title and paragraph that show up when someone finds your site in the search engines are just as important. Once your page comes up in the search engine, the information the reader sees must be compelling enough to entice the reader to click through to the site. This becomes more important the further down the search engine results you go.

Using Scribe, you can see exactly what the search engine sees before you publish the page. Nothing is left to chance.
Scribe SERP preview

Using the SERP preview, you can be sure that important information isn’t cut short and that you’re giving the reader a reason to click through to your site.

Pricing and Page Analysis
Scribe is a premium plugin and requires a monthly subscription. Subscription rates begin at $17 per month and go up to $97 per month. The entry level rate of $17 gives you 15 page evaluations on one website. At $97/month, you can run up to 300 page evaluations per month on an unlimited number of websites. (Update: Since writing this article it appears that they are no longer offering the entry level rate of $17/month. Be sure to check their website for the lastest pricing.)

Want to learn more about common sense SEO

The creators of Scribe have put out a great report on optimizing content for the search engines. Be sure to check it out here.

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