How to Write a White Paper

Content MarketingWhite papers, eBooks and Special Reports all play an important role in any content marketing campaign. Not only do they provide the “offer” in exchange for an email address or contact information they can demonstrate expertise, build trust with your target audience and lead warm leads to your door. A good white paper or eBook can be a lead generating machine.

For those new to content marketing, creating these resources can be an overwhelming task. In order to help, we’ve put together a complete guide designed to show you how to write a white paper. Our series “10 Days to a Better White Paper” will show you everything you need to know to go from blank page to finished product. Follow the links below to white paper success.

What is a White Paper
You can’t write it if you don’t know what it is. Follow the link above to learn about the history of the term “White Paper” and how it applies to modern content marketing.

10 Days to a Better White Paper

Day 1: Define your Objectives
In the excitement of creating an ebook or white paper, it is easy to lose track of the objectives. Setting clear goals and objectives early in the game will help keep the project on track.

Day 2: Choosing a Winning Topic
White papers often stem out of the need to inform potential clients about the features of a product or service. Too often though the desire to discuss product features or benefits often overwhelms the need to educate and inform. The link above will provide food for thought when choosing the topic of your next white paper.

Day 3: The Importance of Target Audience
The ability to connect with your target audience can make or break the success of a white paper or ebook. In Day three we discuss defining your target audience and how to develop clear a clear picture or persona of who you need to reach.

Day 4: Research and the Power of the Third Party Source
Third-party sources and data can add credibility to your white paper moving it from a sales tool to a truly informative document that helps your client. In Day 4 we discuss research and conducting expert interviews.

Day 6: Writing the Draft
You’ve done all the prep work, now it’s time to write. In Day 6 we provide six tips for writing the draft of your white paper.

Day 7: The Call To Action
Now that you’ve written your masterpiece, don’t leave your reader hanging. Telling them exactly what to do next can ensure the success of your white paper.

Day 8: Writing for both the Quick Read and Close Read
Your target audience is busy. Writing for both the quick and close read allows your target to quickly skim for important information or dig deeper into the details of your white paper or ebook.

Day 9: Make It Easy to Read
The visual design and layout of your white paper or ebook can both attract readers or drive them away. Here are five things to consider when determining the look and style of your publication.

Day 10: Get it Out There
Even the best white paper will fall flat if it’s not actively promoted. In this post we discuss the various ways to publish and promote your white paper or ebook.

Five Ways to Extend the Value of Your White Paper
Looking to get the most out of your white paper? Here are five ways to extend and repurpose your white paper beyond the traditional published format.

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