Google+ Embedded Posts; Viral Gold Mine or Context Nightmare?

Google+ has just made it possible to embed a post from G+ into third party websites or blogs. In the same way that Google provides the code for embedding a YouTube video, they now provide a code for G+ posts which can be copied and pasted into a WordPress site or any other third party website that will accept an embedded code. In the same way that you might watch a YouTube video on a website other than YouTube, you can now read and follow the comments of a Google+ post on a website other than Google+.

One of the advantages of embedded G+ posts is that when somebody embeds your post on their website or elsewhere, it provides the opportunity for your content to grow and be discovered by an audience that may not have seen it on your website. I suspect that we will also find that a G+ post which is shared often and embedded elswhere may get a big boost in the search engine rankings.

However, as you may remember from our earlier experiment with Google+ embedded comments, some of the same context issues remain.

Below is an embedded post from G+ on which I expand on the implications of Google+ embedded posts. Please let me know what you think? Do you like the format (even though it doesn’t match the website)? Will you take advantage of embedded posts? If so, how? Does it raise any concerns?


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