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Another week almost in the bag. Here’s what we’ve been reading this week at JAL Communications:

You Don’t Own Social!
I’ve been screaming for years that social media should be an extension of your website. You don’t own your social media profiles or the platforms on which they live. The rules of your social media network can change at any moment or even worse, be shut down all together.

Unlike your Facebook profile or Linkedin account, you are in complete control of your website. Nobody can come in and change the rules or decide that you no longer belong.

Use social media to extend your reach and drive traffic back to your website. Your website should be the foundation of everything you do and ultimately, your website is where the conversions happen.

In a post this morning on Social Media Today, Giancarlo Massaro echos my feelings in an extended discussion of the dangers of investing everything in social media while leaving the website behind:

Stop Running Givaways on Social Media! Run Them on Your Website

Giving Up on Facebook!?
Yesterday I provided a real life example of the impact of the changing rules of social media. Rand Wilson, owner of announced that he is “Firing” Facebook and leaving the network for Google+. According to Wilson, continuing changes to Facebook’s Edgrank algorithm are have such an impact that only a small percentage of his nearly 15,000 followers actually see his posts on Facebook. You can read his resignation letter and and get the complete story here:

Has Facebook Jumped the Shark?

How to Improve Your Writing in WordPress
Although WordPress is a great tool, ultimately, blogging or content marketing is only as good as the content you produce. Although I tend to write all of my posts directly in WordPress, there are a number of things that could make it a better writing platform.

Anna Ladoshkina at Web Design Depot offers a great collection of WordPress plugins designed to improve the WordPress writing environment.

How to Improve Your Writing in WordPress

Using Storify?
I’ve come across a couple of interesting uses for Storify lately. Although I’ve always thought Storify had potential, I havn’t invested much time in it. David Higgerson outlines a method for using Storify as a social media search engine and provides tips to make it work:

Using Storify as Your One-Stop Social Media Search Engine and 12 Tips on How to Do it

Google+: Huge Success or Massive Failure
The same week that Global Web Index announced their research showing Google+ as the second largest social media network, released an infographic which included Google+ in a list of “Failed” social media networks. You can see our thoughts on it here:

Google+: Huge Success or Massive Failure

And for Your Viewing Pleasure
Who doesn’t love a good viral video now and then. Simply Zesty offers their weekly collection which includes a game of fetch from a dog’s perspective, insane scooter jumping, insane building jumping and this insane marketing video from TNT (If I ever see a big red button on the street…)

You can see the rest of the videos here.

All for now. Have a great weekend and we’ll see you next week.

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