The internet still revolves around the written word. From a simple Tweet to an extended white paper, if it doesn’t speak to your target audience it won’t work. We create powerful marketing pieces for use both online and off that build trust with your reader, guide them through the content and direct them to the desired action. With more than 20 years experience in a variety of writing and editing fields,  we can help you create copy that sells.

SEO Copywriting
SEO starts with powerful content. It doesn’t matter how many keywords you stuff on the page, if it doesn’t appeal to your target audience, if it isn’t compelling enough to generate incoming links and to be shared on social networks, it won’t get ranked.

SEO Copywriting is an art which combines the power of the written word with the technological knowledge needed to guide the search engines to your website. It is an integrated process that along with powerful content requires an optimized publishing platform (your website) and the ability to  extend your reach through social media.

Nobody can guarantee the top spot in the search engine returns (run quickly from anyone who does) but we can put you in the best possible position for long-term, highly successful search engine campaigns.

There are no short cuts in SEO. Search engine rankings must be earned. We will help you earn them.

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