Content Marketing Links of the Week

Facebook DeathLot’s of juicy content marketing stories this week. Let’s get to it:

6 Questions Content Marketers Should ask Before Hiring a Journalist
Dennis McCafferty over at Content Marketing Institute talks about the advantage of hiring a journalist to help with your content marketing efforts. In the article he talks about the transformation many journalists are making from traditional news to marketing (or as many journalist call it, “the dark side”). He also provides some good tips to consider when hiring a journalist.

One of the best aspects about hiring journalists was made in the comments: They can see through the B.S. Often a problem in many marketing departments.

Seeing as how I started my career in journalism, I’m all in favor of hiring journalists and would be glad to answer his questions for you ;-)

50 Things Every Content Marketer Should Know – Wordstream
Nothing earth shattering. Just a checklist full of solid tips and things to think about when assembling your content marketing team.

4 Under the Radar Keyword Resource Sources You Can Use to Find Hidden Gems
David de Souza provides an interesting approach to keyword research. Some great out of the box thinking. (Search Engine Land)

How to Use Google+ for Personal Branding and Authorship Rank
You’re on Google+ right? If  you aren’t, stop reading this article and go set up your profile. Google+ has taken off during the past two months and your profile on G+ has to the potential to greatly impact your search efforts in the near future. If you using Google+, chances are you’ve come across Mark Traphagan, the founder of the Google Authorship and Author Rank community which now boasts more than 2,000 members. Neal Schafer of WindMill Networking sat down with Mark for an interview on using Google+ for personal branding and the impact of the coming authorship rank.

And just in case you missed it, I wrote early this week about the Tecnorati study showing that blogs are more likely to impact purchasing decisions than social media and took a look at how content farms and Facebook spam are making it harder and harder to succeed with Facebook marketing. Be sure to check out those links if you missed them.

All for now. Have a great weekend.


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