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It’s Friday! (Imagine that I’m yelling that with a huge emphasis on the “iiiiiidaaayyy”)

Here’s the weekly roundup of what we’re reading at JAL Communications:

Do Blog Comments Really Matter?
If you didn’t see my post yesterday on Social Recognition, Marcus Sheridan really caught my attention with an article stating that blog comments and social sharing is overrated. He provides some good examples of content marketing success without comments or social media sharing. (Read it here)

Above the Fold
Newspaper editors have always focused on the value of information placed “above the fold.” In the internet world, that means information at the top of the page that user sees before needing to scroll down. The general conses in internet marketing is that calls to action (CTAs) should be placed above the fold (although not an absolute). Eugen Opreh has an interesting discussion on the “Above the Fold Myth.” The article includes some interesting testing along with a heat map showing the value of the space at top and bottom of a post.

I don’t know about you but I think that as we get accustomed to reading on the internet, we are ignoring the above the fold side bar spot more and more. It goes even further when you consider the impact of content shifting applications such as Flipboard or Zite.

You can read my thinking on content shifting in an article I wrote for CMI here.

Eugen’s discussion on above the fold content can be found here.

You’re on Google+ Right?
Although I’ve had a Google+ profile for some time, I just recently started using it on a regular basis and I like it. Along with the search engine implications it has a feel (for the moment at least) like the early days of Twitter. Google+ won’t block your efforts like Facebook does either.

For those getting started on Google+ (and those who’ve been there a while), Maria Peagler has a post and infographic on Copy Blogger offering enough Google+ tips to keep you busy for a while. You can read the post here.

And a really cool video
Although I really hope that Kai, the hatchet-wielding, hitch-hiking surfer dude (definately NSFW!), found a mini mal and wetsuite so he could smash, smash, suh-mash some of those tasty waves at Mavericks, medical science turned to art is also pretty cool:

Have a great weekend!

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