About Us

JAL Communications is not your typical agency. In fact, we are anything but. We don’t work in slick offices and you won’t find high pressure account reps (because we don’t have any).

What you will find is a group of independent individuals working together to create a new way of marketing. We understand success comes from an integrated process that includes everything from web design and search engine optimization to social media, content marketing and traditional public relations.

As a small agency we only take a limited number of ongoing, retainer-based clients. This allows us to provide the personal attention and customization that each and every project deserves.

Let us help you create your next big thing.

About Jim Lodico (Owner JAL Communications)
Owner, CEO, Grand Poobah, call it what you will. Jim combines his background in journalism, education and public relations with his success in blogging and web design to help small businesses thrive in today’s digital platforms.

When he’s not writing his next blog post or building a new website, he enjoys mountain biking, sailing and hanging out with his kids.

Feel free to contact Jim for help, to ask advice or to just say hello.

Twitter: @jlcommunication
Google+: Jim Lodico
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 410-777-8698